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I’ve recently got back into the habit of using Last.Fm (again!) and scrobbling whatever I’m listening to, to it. This has been fine for the most part, I use either Spotify or iTunes to listen to my music and both of these having scrobbling features, I also occasionally listen to Last.FM radio, which of course has scrobbling as part of it.

The last thing that I couldn’t work out, was scrobbling the music played on the radio. I’m a big fan of BBC 6Music, it’s a brilliant station, great for when you’re at work and you really shouldn’t be mucking about with choosing music too much and there’s rarely a track that I’m embarrassed to say I’ve listened to.

However, there is very little provision for scrobbling radio stations, it’s generally very platform specific. One website has the answer however, Universal Scrobbler will fetch the track listings from several locations, a few of which, are BBC radio stations. Meaning I can fetch the latest tracks played on 6Music and scrobble the ones I’ve listened to.

There’s one last problem however, I still have to regularly go back to the website to fetch in the new tracks being played and scrobble those. This can be a pain, and when you’re at work, you probably shouldn’t be mucking about with this if you don’t have the time to muck around with your own music! So in a few minutes, I got to grips with the website and created a bookmarklet for the site.

The bookmarklet allows auto-scrobbling, fetching in the new tracks played and scrobbling all of those that have been played since it last checked. This means I can set it running at the start of the day and let it automatically scrobble every song that comes through, I even added a start and stop button if you get tired of the radio!

The bookmarklet is all pretty basic Javascript, though it does use a function which isn’t available to IE7 users or below. To add the bookmarklet, and start auto-scrobbling too, just click the link below (as WordPress doesn’t allow javascript links in posts :-(!) and follow the simple instructions, go to the Universal Scrobbler website and select your radio station of choice, then click the bookmarklet that you’ve just added.

Universal Scrobbler :: Auto-Scrobbler

When it starts, you should see a new box in the bottom right corner of the page which provides the start and stop controls. Hopefully by putting this up in public, other people can solve the same issue that no other program seems to be able to solve! Enjoy!

 Useful Links

 Universal Scrobbler

 Universal Scrobbler Last.Fm group page

 Universal Scrobbler’s creator on Last.Fm, OnDistantShores


 Some little bits of information about bookmarklets to get it working nicely!

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