Stub: 2013 Week 2

A stub is a short article which rounds up little bits of information that I’ve found throughout the week. These may be web or computer related, or they may be more general things. It’s more a personal log than an actual article, reminding me of things that I may’ve forgotten, but some of it may be of help to someone else!

So it’s been the last week of the winter holidays and it’s been rather busy!

This week:

  • The snow’s come just in time to make it difficult for everyone to get around! It does look rather picturesque on the other hand.
  • I may not be able to get any of my own projects started but I can certainly build on top of others! I’ve added further functionality to the Universal Scrobbler web app.
  • We started our Digital Switchover in 2007 in the UK, and the first transmitters were turned off in 2009, with the last being switched off late last year. Kenya was planning on announcing the switch off on 7th December 2012 and switching off every transmitter just 24 days later, an impressive contrast…
  • Bandwidth media queries – brilliant in theory, horrible in practice.
  • MSN is coming to an end after all it’s years of service.
  • Demoing and presenting designs and projects on a tablet work really well. Allowing a client to “touch” the design, zoom in and out and have a more personal interaction with the project encourages enthusiasms and makes for something a whole lot more tangible.
  • In Beta is back on 5by5, discussing the (surely yearly) push to go paperless. It’s still in agreement that pen betters keyboard every time, and paper is still a preferred choice, (despite “The Paperless Office” being anticipated in the 70s) so it’s only really feasible to go 90% paperless. But it’s better than nothing! They continue with a chat about the way social media has changed the way we boast about the best times in our lives. 5by5 | In Beta #30
  • Further back in the In Beta list of shows, show #27 discussed how e-mail (despite it’s middle-agedness) is still the best app there is, and move on to why subscribing people to newsletters they never asked for and making it difficult for them to unsubscribe from them (i.e. having to log in), is possibly the worst choice you can make and will turn users against your brand. 5by5 | In Beta #27
  • Finally, it turns out that IE5 for Mac was constantly striving towards standards. And OpenDoc was set to revolutionise the way that we worked with files…had Steve Jobs not scrapped it. Tantek Çelik revists this stage in the web’s life on 5by5 | The Web Behind.

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