Use Version Control Software for More Manageable Project Development

The bigger the project that I undertake, the more of a risk and sometimes a pitfall, that I fall in to. Often when developing code alone, you fly about, trying different bits of code and usually making snap decisions on which method to go for. At the time you think that it’ll be fine to work like that and it won’t cause any problems.

This is fine if you find there are problems early on, but if it’s not until days or weeks down the line, and you realise that you should’ve made the opposite decision, then you’ll have to try and figure out just what went wrong, and where and what you did differently to make things work.

Upon doing this for yet another project recently, I decided it’d be the last time it happened, and promptly looked into version control software, which I’d previously never thought about, assuming it was software only useful for team development.

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HTML5: requestAnimationFrame made easy

I’ve been searching for a recent, clear article on how to start using requestAnimationFrame and it just doesn’t seem to exist.

requestAnimationFrame is an API for animating styling changes, canvas or WebGL. It removes the need to use a setInterval or setTimeout to continuously call an animation function and, along with it, optimises the animation both in visual and resource performance.

This sounds great, but the API is still experimental and so is liable to change, which it has done over the past year. This means a lot of the demos of the API online are outdated. Those that aren’t, make the API seem much harder to use than it actually is. This is what I’m hoping to remedy.

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